Junior Producer - SH11697

The Speed Read:

This integrated agency based in Clerkenwell is looking for a Junior Producer to join their film and video team.

The Facts:

This agency is growing fast and they are keen to find an experienced junior to join the busy AV team. The role is hands on and involves supporting the senior producers as required during all stages of their projects. 

You’ll be:

The successful candidate will have previous production experience and have a good understanding of basic project management having already worked within a busy studio or film production environment for a minimum of 12 months.

You must have able to communicate clearly, have excellent organisational skills and attention to detail; you must work well under pressure, helping to ensuring the smooth and efficient running of productions.

Your responsibilities will include the production of detailed proposals for shoots including schedules, call sheets, location details and logistics, budgets, health and safety documentation, talent and suppliers estimates and production details. 

You will be expected to obtain quotes from suppliers and third parties and manage their documentation. This could include ensuring that all legal obligations are adhered to, i.e. managing the insurance and health and safety requirements. 

You’ll be expected to source and arrange the booking of locations and coordinate permits and you will be able to organise editing and post production. You might be tasked with producing your own productions so previous experience is vital

Your Superpower:

Problem solving

Please send CV/folio to hello@agencybell.co.uk


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