Office Manager - £25-£30,000

The speed read:

This graphic design agency works in information, wayfinding and large scale signage systems and identities in the transport sector; airports, train and tram systems all over the world. It’s impressive stuff.

The facts:

This agency has a brilliant reputation in this niche sector and is growing and getting more and more clients, internationally. This is all about helping this agency move to the next phase of development as they manage their increasing success. 

This is a tight knit team that now need to set up internal systems and processes, organise documentation, financial management, contracts and everything else that keeps the process running smoothly, you will want to help the owner get all of the knowledge out of his head on to paper or in to a computer! 

You will like working with designers and project managers. A good sense of humour will take you a long way. The agency takes what it does seriously but the people in it are warm, kind and just want to enjoy the work and be pleased with the outcome. This is no place for egos or prima donnas.

This role will include some PA duties for the senior team and also some facilities management.

Ideally, you will have been in an agency for 2-3 years in some of kind of admin/support role, but personality and attitude will take you a long way if you are a bit lacking in experience. So don’t let it put you off applying, but make it a good one!

You’ll be:

            •          A true self-starter (your curiosity, awareness of studio process and keen-ness to be busy means you never have to ask for something to do)

            •          A thoroughly nice person to have around with a decent sense of humour and keen to get on

            •          Happy to undertake a small amount of financial management and cost control

            •          Interested in different cultures and ways of working (this agency has lots of international clients in the middle, near and far east)

            •          Patient when hooking into large systems that need timely and detailed responses

            •          Unafraid of tender documents and admin that requires close attention

            •          Client friendly as required

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